mercoledì 5 maggio 2010

Decorative display

Today the weather is rainy and very windy and the sky shows different shades of grey. Another day to spend inside, and time to look for some inspirational pictures in the web.
I have always thought that displaying nice and loved objects through the house helps to give it a cosy and lived in atmosphere.
These are some good ideas.
An old window frames old and new articles.

Isn't this collection of old suitcases perfect in a living room or a bedroom? I love them close to old books and labels.

The photo's are so decorative hanging in apparent disorder above the fire-place

A colourful display of pretty china..

..and a more delicate one.

Another good idea to show our favourite blankets, quilts and bedspreads on shelves in the bedroom instead of keeping them closed somewhere.


I've just found some old objects belonged to my Granny. I'm thinking where and how to display them. I'll show them as soon as I've found the right place!
Have a nice day!

3 commenti:

  1. Ciao nuova fan, grazie di essere passata.
    Bello il tuo blog!

  2. mi sono letteralmente innamorata della vecchia finestra decorata...è assolutamente meravigliosa!
    temo proprio che sabato mattina al "baule del nonno" (mercatino dell'usato della mia città) non riuscirò a resistere e ne comprerò una!
    grazie per questa splendida ispirazione!

  3. Ciao Paola! Eh sì, queste Emme (chi in forma di dolce principessa, chi di piccola cagnolina) sono proprio delle belle sbiruline!!


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