martedì 24 agosto 2010

A little surprise from Copenhagen

Vedete qualcosa di rosso sulla piattaia?

Can you see something red on my plate rack?

Mia sorella è andata in vacanza a Copenhagen e sapendo che sono innamorata della Green Gate, mi ha portato in regalo questo piatto e la sua tazza. mi piacciono un sacco! Non sono carinissimi??
My sister went for a holiday in Copenhagen and, as she knows I'm a passionate for Green Gate, she bought for me these red plate and cup. I love them! Aren't they lovely??

Ho bisogno del vostro aiuto. Sto cercando di mettere il traduttore sulla sidebar, ma siccome sono un disastro non riesco a farlo..bisogna usare il codice? Qualcuna di voi sarebbe così carina da spiegarmi come si fa??

For English readers: I'm sorry but not always I have time to write both in Italian and English.. I'm trying to put a translator on the sidebar, but I'm terrible with technology and at the moment I haven't been able to do that. Would someone give me some help to an illiterate like me?
Grazie per il vostro supporto, siete fantaticheeeeee!!!

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  1. carina tua sorella... ma fantasticaaaaa la tazza con il piattino!
    per fortuna è andata tua sorella a Copenhagen... perchè "temo" che tu non ti saresti limitata ad una sola tazza con piattino...o sbagliooooo???

  2. Hi Paola...i really like Green Gate....i have not one piece of that...shame on me.....but our whole house is full of much......i by sometime a cup or so......but i like these very much...maube i must go and shop......hahahah!! have a lovely evening......hugs from me.....Ria..

  3. I have recently put the code on my site and had struggled a bit before I managed it!

    You could try using one of the 'html' gadgets in your blooger design page and pasting the html code in there. I fiddled about with the main body of the template and found the right place to paste it but this is trickier because it can mess up the template if you do it incorrectly.

    I love your dresser, by the way. x

  4. Ooops, and now I have looked across and seen that the translator gadget is there! You did it! Well done!


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